Northern Region - Costa Rica

The singular geographic beauty of Costa Rica’s Northern region makes this region the perfect adventure and relaxation spot, with activities for all.

In the Northern region, unique rivers, mountains, animals, plants, a grand lake and an incredible volcano are the perfect ingredients to create and enjoy an adrenaline-loaded adventure for the whole family.

The small and candid town of La Fortuna, located on the outskirts of Arenal Volcano, is an amazing location offering several different kinds of lodging, dining and entertainment experiences.

Guided horseback riding tours, bungee jumping, tree canopy zip line tours, mountain biking, waterfalls hikes, among others, are part of this region’s adventure menu.

In order to fulfill an exciting tree top experience, the canopy tour is a must. Located on the skirts of the volcano, this tour gives you the rush of your life under the highest safety standards. Every zip line guide has extensive knowledge of the local flora and fauna, pointing out the birds, mammals, insects and exotic flowers that one may cross paths with during the ride. This tour ends right at the base of the volcano.

If your goal during your time in Costa Rica is to relax in a more traditional way, the Northern region is ideal for forgetting your everyday troubles. Hot water springs from the volcano’s base are the core of the special peace and tranquillity one can experience in the area’s spas and springs.

Natural thermal water pools and cascades serve as excellent skin-soothing baths for visitors of the region’s hot spring resorts and spas. Professional massage and beauty treatments are available at small local owned clinics as well as in larger specialized resorts.

The landscape here, dominated by the great Arenal lake and volcano, is a key relaxation element as well. During the day the lake is ideal for a swim, a boat ride or bird and plant observation. At night the panorama is filled with an exotic light spectacle of stars, water and iridescent lava.

If you have the chance to visit the Northern region, don’t miss the opportunity to witness it’s majestic nature and experience the warmth and kindness of the people.

This unique attraction will raise your adrenaline level to the max. Bungee jumping from a 130foot tower in downtown La Fortuna, or swinging through the air like superman are two incredible experiences waiting for you at Arenal Bungee.

Whether you choose to jump during the day or at night, the view from the top and all the way down is extraordinary. If you dare to defy gravity under the highest safety standars, this is the thing to do.

Source: CANATUR.